Monk's belt tapestry from Flå

Description: Monk's belt tapestry from Flå. The tapestry is cut off by the length. Very worn. The yarn is handspun, but most likely chemically dyed because of the bright colors.

Owner: Astrid Marie Eikeland

Technique: Monk's belt. The technique consists of a ground weave in linen tabby with loose pattern threads which are either above or below the ground. The pattern has often two parts. Monk's belt woven with two parts is woven with four treadles; two patterntreadles (2 and 3) and two groundtreadles (1 and 4). A ground weave is woven between each pattern shuttling. To ease the weaving you can shuttle the ground weave from the right on the right groundtreadle (1) and from the left on the left groundtreadle (4)

Finished length/width: ? / 123 without fringes


  • Warp: unbleached cotton yarn corresponding to (next text)


  • Pattern Weft: 2 - tr . handspun dekkhårsgarn (yarn made from covering hair, worsted) corresponding Hoelfeld Lund thin Kunstvevgarn or Rauma prydvevgarn in the colors red, green and dark blue
  • Ground weave: as in the pattern weft in white with the blue stripes pattern , yellow along with the other patern colours.

Reed: 55-10 1/1

Reed width: 127.6 cm

Weft per cm: 6 ground weft and 6 pattern weft

  • Warp : 702 tr

Draft: Each unit contain 50 threads. Repeat the draft the entire width and finish with two extra threads. Look at the weave unit here.

Shuttling order: Weave a pleat with linen tabby in green. Look at the pattern unit here. The colours are shown in the picture. The units are red, green, red and blue. The linen tabby ground is woven in yellow except underneath the blue ribbon, where the linen tabby is white.

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