Rosepath from Flå

Description: Rosepath from Flå

Owner: Astrid Marie Eikeland

Weaver: Sigrid Trommald

History: Vevd ca. 1990. Sigrid Trommald vevde flere hundre åklær i samme mønster med 3 ulike fargesettinger, grått, lilla og hvitt i bunn. Mye av inntekten av disse åklærne ga hun til misjonen. Krokbragdåkle kalles også ”tjukkåkle” i Hallingdal

Technique: Double rosepath. Rosepath is a three or four - shaft twill which is entered reverse (V or V ) and with straight-through treadles . Double rosepath is entered with double v. By beating in the weft tightly and changing colures within the shedding order, the characteristic pattern is produced. The weft covers one end at a time while it is floated over several ends on the wrong side. When you weave rosepath, you are often creating the pattern squares higher than those shown on the paper. In that way the pattern will be more distinct. The technique which produces a thick fabric, is mostly used for tapestry and is suitable for improvising with colures directly in the loom.

Finished length / Width: 165 / 100 cm


  • Warp: unbleached cotton yarn 12/6
  • Weft: 3 tr Rauma knitting yarn

Comb beater: 30 – 10 1/1, 2/2 i de 5 ytterste jaretrådene på hver side

Comb Width: 112 cm

Weft per cm: approx. 11

Warp list: 347 tr

Draft: Look here.

Pattern: Look here.

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