Runner in rosepath from Flå

Description: Runner in rosepath from Flå

Owner: Turid Gislerud Liodden

Weaver: Margit Aavestrud

History: The runner was woven in 1928 on the Stavn in Flå.

Technique: Rosepath is a part of our most common «prydvevnader» decorative objects. It is used in runners , pillows and coverlets . Rose path can have many possible pattern variations by varying the treadle and/or the weft colures. It is often woven as a border with linnen tabby or ribbed fabric in between . You always weave two opposite wefts with different colours after one another. Here it is a black and a brown-red weft. When the two wefts are beaten in, it looks as one weft in the texture. To get the reverse weft treadle, treddle 1 and then 3, 2 and treaddle, treadle 4, 3 and then treaddle 1, Treaddle 4 and then treaddle 2

Finished length / Width: 109/50 cm


  • Warp: unbleached cotton yarn corresponding to 12/9
  • Weft: Handspun wool black and brown red corresponding åklegarn from Norwegian Kunstvevgarn or Rauma

Reed: 30-10 1/1

Reed width: 50 cm

Weft per cm: 13

Warp list: 150 tr

Draft: See self-pattern here

Weft: When you weave with two wefts of different colours, they have to be twisted in the selvedge in order to tie the fabric all the way. The weft has to be beaten in so tightly that it covers the warp . Each pattern unit has two couples of wefts. For example, the treadle 1 and 3. Each pattern unit consists of 6 wefts (3 black and 3 brown) Then shift the treadling. Look at the pattern unit here.

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