Square pattern tapestry from Gol

Description: A square pattern tapestry from Gol

Owner: Marit Smøttebråten

Weaver: Kristin Frøysok in 1974

Technique: Square pattern / insert by hand tapetstry is woven on two shafts and two treadles and is a weft ribbed fabric where the weft covers the warp completely. Yarn balls can be used for the weft. You can twist the weft, both when you are picking from the right to the left and from the left to the right. It's called a tapestry weave and provides an elevated edge in the colour change along the warp on the wrong side. On the right the tapestry is smooth. In a single twist the weft is only twisted one way. The fabric will be the same on the right and the wrong side.

Single twist has been used in this tapestry. Put in the weft to the right. Change the shed and pick. The yarn balls which are coming from the right are now twisting. Put the yarn in smooth curves. Let the treadle go and beat in. You do not twist when the weft comes from the left, but pull a little in the weft such that the crossing will be smooth. Fix the threads while weaving.

Finished length/width: 151/90 cm

Materials: Warp: unbleached linen 10/3

Weft: 2 tr "åklegarn" from Hoelfeldt Lund in the colours of moss green, ocher, unbleached white sheep black, and orange.

Reed: 30-10 1/1

Reed width: 91 cm

Warp: 272 tr

Draft: See the self-pattern here

Weft per cm: approx. 9. See pattern unit here

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