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Are you interested in crafts and enjoy meeting new people? Are your age 16 to 22? If the answer is yes, read further!

The Norwegian Folk Art and Crafts Association invites you to join the Nordic Crafts Camp for Youth 2018!

For five days, from August 8th till 12th, youth from the Nordic countries will gather for a craft camp at Romerike folkehøgskole in Akershus, Norway. You as participants will get to learn craft techiniques in different materiales and from different areas, and meet other people your age that share your interest for crafts and creativity!


  • Wednesday, August 8th:
    • From 12 pm: Arrival. Check-In. Tour of the school
    • 6 pm: Dinner. Information. Get to know each other!
  • Thursday, August 7th: Workshops
  • Friday, August 8th: Workshops  
  • Saturday, August 9th: Mini-workshops. Celebration dinner.
  • Sunday, August 10th:
    • 9 am – 12pm: Exhibition. Presentations
    • 1 pm: Lunch. Departure    
    • 2 pm: Departure for guided tour in Oslo. (Requires registration)

In the evenings, we will have some activities. We will like the participants to plan and take part in the activities, so bring along some good ideas. The workshop rooms will also be available and open to all participants during the evenings.

Practical Information

Romerike Folk High School

The camp is at Romerike Folkehøgskole, Akershus, which is located 7 km from Oslo Airport Gardermoen and 45 km from Oslo. The school has accommodation with double and single rooms, kitchen, dining room, room for indoor activities and good outdoor areas. There is a small lake close to the school, so bring your swimwear. Read more about the school here.


The Camp costs NOK 1,500, - and includes accommodation, all meals and courses (including materials). Travel expenses are  not included..

For participants from other countries than Norway, there are some economical support to cover travel expenses. Contact the Craft Organization in your country for more information about this (look end of text).


Further information on transportation will be sent to all registered after the registration deadline has expired.

• Oslo Airport Gardermoen is the nearest airport. From here it is 7 km to the folk high school.

• From Oslo Central Station, take trains to  Jessheim station. ( Train L13)  See time tables at nsb.no.

Participants from outside Norway

Registration is made directly to your home country organization:


When signing up for the camp, you also choose which workshop to attend. On Thursday and Friday you choose one two-day workshop, and on Saturday there will be shorter worskhops. These workshops are announced at the camp. Each of the participating countries are in charge of one or two workshops.

The workshop program can also be downloaded here: WORKSHOPS Nordic Craft Camp for Youth 2018

Green woodworking

For two days, we will devote ourselves to grenn woodworking! It´s a traditional Swedish technique but our inspiration will be from new designs. Who does´t need a Spork or a carved table tennis racket?! While we are carving we will also be learning about how to choose the right wood to carve and how best to take care of our tools.

Sheepskin mittens

The Nordic countries have long traditions in making sheepskin wear. This course/workshop will introduce you to sewing in sheepskin and you will be able to sew your own sheepskin mittens using a pattern customized for you. You will learn to cut and sew in skin. The mittens can be finalized with decorations according to your own preference.

Tablet weaving

In the workshop, participants learn setting up the warp threads through the tablet holes, weaving and reading the pattern schemes. The course will begin with a short historical introduction of the Nordic tablet weaving tradtions. The participants can choose simple patterns from different countries. As a result of the course, a key chain and a full size belt are made. This workshop is suitable for beginners.


The lamp is made of handmade paper and wire mesh, which is dipped into paper mache. The LED lamp is lit by a USB cable.

Sew your opinion ...few stitches – lots of words...

Make a statement on some second hand fabric or on your own clothes! You will only need a few types of stitches, a needle, colorful thread and words of your choice.

Knit a Lopi swether

Attending this workshop, you will learn to knit an Islandic Lopi sweater. The Lopi sweater is characterized by a circular yoke with a pattern and the Lopi, the special Islandic woolen yarn. You can choose your own pattern and colors within the Lopi traditions. While we knit we discuss the current and the early Islandic knitting traditions. 


To turn objects in wood is a technic known all over the world. Attending this workshop you will work with Nordic wood like birch, willow and ash tree. The participants will be introduced to different techniques. You will be able to make subjects like bowls and cups. The workshop fits both beginners and more experienced participants. 

Sew and decorate a detachable pocket

This workshop invites you to sew a detachable pocket! The pocket will fit the necessary sewing supplies, your phone, or what you might need when you are engaging in your creative activity. The pocket is easily attached to your belt or waistband. You can even adjust the pocket to make it more versatile, for instance for use as a regular purse.

Sew a skirt

This workshop invites you to sew your own skirt! Choose between sewing a pencil skirt or a pleated skirt – the instructor will bring different fabrics to choose among. You will learn how to take measurements, how to adjust the pattern to your own measurements, to mark and cut the fabric and to the sew pleats or darts. Every participant will have a sewing machine to their own disposal. The workshop is suitable for both beginners and more experienced participants. 

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