The Red List

The Red List is one of our actions to prevent traditional craft techniques from being lost forever. In the name of The Red List, our local branches choose what knowledge is important in their local context, and come up with measures for education in and communication of these skills.

In the last decades school programs have changed and manual skills are not any longer regarded as a necessity. Also within a large organization as Norwegian Folk Art and Craft association focus change and many members are to a certain level following "craft trends". The result of this is that several skills and craft techniques have become endangered and the knowledge and practice threatened. 

This is a nation-wide challenge. In some specific crafts, only a very low number of practitioners are still active. In 2012 the organization decided to introduce the Red list as an awareness raising activity among all our 375 local branches. Having an UNESCO accreditation as a NGO with expertise within traditional craftsmanship and intangible cultural heritage, we also feel a particular responsibility for safeguarding endangered knowledge.

This awareness raising is important also regarding our craft shops Husfliden. It is important that the 36 shops, all members of the association can provide the local groups and craft masters with materials and tools they need in their practice. In addition, our 19 professional craft consultants are both encouraging and inspiring the voluntary working branches of the association in their search for  almost extinct craft knowledge.

Objectives of The Red List

  • To raise awareness about local and endangered traditional craft techniques
  • To elaborate and revitalize handicraft skills at a local level
  • Facilitate arenas and processes for defining, documenting and practicing traditional craft techniques and expose and transmit the knowhow to younger persons.
  • To revitalize and strengthen the sense of identity and unicity expressed in local craft techniques.
  • To encourage and develop a locally initiated process of engagement and involvement.

We have built a web page based inventory showing the local actions. This inventory is continuously being updated, with both listing of techniques chosen by the local branches and documentation of the work being done.

Photo: The local branch of Larvik has a local type of woven baskets, "Flisefat" as on of their Red List projects.

1.-3. november 2019 inviterer Norges Husflidslag til landets største møteplass for alle som jobber med eller er interessert i vev.  På dette symposiet setter vi fokus på vev-tradisjoner i nordområdene. 

Handverksskolen på Hjerleid, er en videregående skole i tradisjonshåndverksfag, og den eneste utdanningsmulighet i Norge i treskjærerfaget. De har ledige studieplasser til høsten.

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